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Introduction and history

Båtservice Iran after a decade of commercial activities was established in 2003 at the beautiful island of Kish with the purpose of production and building of various marine manufactures. When the necessary studies were carried out and the ship yard’s location was surveyed, the civil work started in 2004. The yard was constructed in an area of 50.000 sqm sea water extracted land with 720,000 tones of concrete and compacting of sea bank within a three year period at a best location of the Island. The shareholding structure is based on joint equal 50% holding shares of either Norwegian partner or Iranian counter part. The factory’s manufactures both in building process and licensing are under the parent Båtservice Group of Norway and obviously are offered to customer accordingly. In Båtservice Iran shipyard, the projects of shipbuilding are executed and completed mostly of marine aluminum plates in hall no.1, which will be soon extended to other material of hull building in 2nd and 3rd halls of the shipyard which are now completed as followed:

  • Salon No. 1 designed for production of aluminum made vessels.
  • Salon No. 2 designed for production of composite made vessels.
  • Salon No. 3 designed for workshop and ship reparation services.
  • During 1998 and 1999 Båtservice Group built 2 units of 40 meters Catamaran passenger vessels with 350 passengers and 8 cars capacity, which were launched and delivered in the Persian Gulf. After training of the Iranian staff in Båtservice shipyard in Mandal, Norway, Båtservice company successfully manufactured and delivered 18 units 20 meters SAR and 17m Pilot vessels ordered by Iranian Ports & Maritime Organization with the high quality in the current market, some of the vessels we manufactured and completed in Kish Shipyard. Since then a variety of shipbuilding projects have been successfully carried out by our group and some also are in progress at present.
    Båtservice reference list and list of projects with Iranian customers are as followed, please see attached pictures for all our products:

    • • 2 units 40 m Passenger Catamaran Vessels
    • • 9 units 20 m Search and Rescue Vessels (SAR Vessels)
    • • 9 units 17 m Pilot Vessels
    • • 5 units 24 m Crew boat Vessels
    • • 4 units 30 m Crew Cargo Catamaran Vessels
    • • 1 units 55 m Oil Recovery Vessel (Isoico yard2)
    • • 5 units 20 m SAR (new project)
    • • 2 units 30 m Crew Cargo Catamaran Vessels

    We are proud to have received the Forth International Green Economy Fair Crystal Award granted by Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mine in 2007 for our Commercial and Industrial Efforts. Båtservice Iran included among the 40 premier industrial companies that are active in private section of the country for its contribution to strategic industries. And now, we hope that upon the completion of the final phase of Båtservice shipyard in Kish Island, we can develop the after sale services and under water repair works, docking and undocking of ships in our shipyard. The services can be also extended to support the other neighbouring states in the area of Persian Gulf.